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Unpackaging Implicit Biases

This conversational session pushes for reflection through becoming temporarily uncomfortable as participants are exposed to considerable methods to implement so that all children might enduringly be celebrated and taught in a more equitable manner.

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A Game of C.H.E.S.S: Meeting the Whole Child 

Through the consideration of the whole-child approach, this session invites in the idea of social justice, inclusion and equity in meeting the diverse instructional, intellectual, and behavioral needs of

K-12 students.

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Evaluating School and Departmental Culture to Impact Progress, Growth, and Achievement

This conversational session invites participants to reflect on their why and its contribution to organizational and campus goals to lead in a more intentionally powerful manner that yields positive outcomes

Using Data to Lead Systemic Improvement 

Through organizational data reflection, participants will identify deficit areas in academic, management, and other varied campus processes. 

Participants will identify potential root causes and regression factors to prepare a focused action plan to implement.

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