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MRB Educational Consulting transforms educational and instructional systems through a carefully crafted prescriptive approach. 

If you are ready to take charge of your organizational growth journey, schedule your consultation session today. 


Dr. Monea Beene currently serves as an Educational Leader full-time and is an Educational Consultant and public speaker part-time. Monea is an innovative, forward thinking leader with a relentless drive to achieve the vision of any organization that supports education and instruction. In her educational tasks, Monea brings experience working with minority learners (EB and special populations) from Texas public schools. Prior to serving in her current role, Monea served as a classroom teacher of EBs and a district-level professional who chartered focus groups and support systems to meet the needs of teachers of EBs and assisted in curriculum writing for Reading, Writing, and Secondary Intervention courses, all to support increased student achievement. Beyond the classroom, her experience lives in organizational and departmental development. She has curated professional development opportunities that support all who impact students. 


Dr. Beene, a  transformational servant-leader, approaches problems and challenges with a creative, optimistic, yet dissecting lens.  Her inspiration and drive stems from the growth and development of other local educational leaders and the students who are directly impacted. Monea believes in leading and learning in a unified manner with integrity and dedication.


Dr. Beene holds two Masters degrees in Education and a Doctor of Philosophy that focuses on Educational Leadership.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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